Advocare Distributor vs. Advocare Advisor

Advocare’s motto is “We Build Champions.” If you think this description fits you, then join us as a member/distributor. It’s easy to enroll and it carries lots of benefits for you, your friends, your family, and helping to build awareness around Advocare as an awesome company.

For as little as $79, you can join Advocare as an independent distributor. Included in the enrollment fee is a samples kit with $50 worth of products and other information explaining what Advocare has to offer. In addition, your membership automatically entitles you immediately to a 20% discount on all your Advocare purchases. There is no minimum limit to buy.

After becoming an Advocare Distributor, you’ll have the ability to make your Advocare Distributorship into your very own business.  Over time, you can earn the different levels of discount on your way to becoming an Advocare Advisor.  As an Advocare Distributor, product commissions can go up to as high as 40%.  On your way to becoming an Advisor, you’ll be earning discounts up to 40% off Advocare Products! So you win with great savings on your Advocare purchases; your clients win because they’ll be feeling and looking great; Advocare wins because they’re helping their customers and their distributors be successful and healthy.

Advocare builds champions. Be a Champion distributor. Just click here and begin to change your life!